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Harvest Sky Cocktail

We are now in the middle of autumn and we have been experiencing some unusual weather.  However, we have also had some of the most sunning sunsets!  The deep reds across the sky have been enough to stop us from what we are doing to sit and watch the colours change and the sun sets.  On a recent trip out we were reminded of Harvest Festivals  and we came across this cocktail that would make a great and seasonal Cocktail of the Week, Harvest Sky.

Traditionally harvest marked the end of the growing season and there was a social side to the harvest that usually culminated with parties and gatherings once all the hard work had been completed.  Once the gathering of the food had been completed, things turned to post harvest to store and preserve the summer fruits and veg for the winter and maximising the shelf life.  Many of these traditions still continue today with, particularly in religious services, but there are also many farmers who still make the most of the end of the harvest with a beer or cider!

For this weeks cocktail, you will need;

  • 1 measure vodka
  • 1 measure of chambord
  • 2 measures of cranberry juice.
  • Pumpkin spice sugar to rim the glass.

To make the pumpkin spice sugar add some pearl sugar to one table spoon of pumpkin spice in an airtight container.  Shake it well and leave for 24 hours.  For the cocktail, add the vodka, chambord and cranberry juice to a cocktail shaker with ice and mix well.  Take two small plates, add a small amount of water to one and pour the sugar to the other one.  Take your glass and dip the rim into the water and then into the sugar, turning the glass until the rim is covered in sugar.  Turn the glass up and carefully add the cocktail.  There you have this weeks cocktail, the Harvest Sky.

The cocktail has a wonderfully spicy flavour that comes from the pumpkin spice that works really well with the chambord.  It is a great drink to sip as you watch the magnificent sunsets we are having.

Harvest Sky CocktailHarvest Sky Cocktail


Harvest Sky Cocktail</div>

17th November 2016
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