A British Guide to Smores

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British Guide to Smores

What are Smores?

Smores! They are a bit of an alien concept to us Brits, but in America, a childhood isn’t complete without smores being made at a campfire, sleepover or on a random Wednesday during school holidays.  On a trip to America a few years ago, we stayed at the Green Mountain Inn in Vermont who offered a smores pack to use around their fire, which is when it became clear to us that they are very much acceptable for adults to enjoy!

A British Guide to Smores

Give them a go

The idea for smores came up again when we went camping recently.  As newbies to the whole smores thing, we knew the basics were graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate.  As we don’t have graham crackers in the UK, we substituted this with our equivalent of digestive biscuits.   Also, off the shelf marshmallows come in two sizes, mini and giant! No in-between sizes! We went for giant as toasting six – seven mini ones seemed complicated.  The chocolate was easy. A classic dairy milk bar.

A British Guide to Smores

I can’t say our first attempt went to plan! Toasting the giant marshmallow and getting the chocolate melted was not easy. Needless to say, we each had a strategy that seemed to get the essence of a smore, a gooey, chocolate mess stuck between two biscuits rather than an enjoyable snack.  Some further conversation went on to discuss options on the perfect smore. Combinations of mini digestives, chocolate digestives, reasonably sized marshmallows, peanut butter and Nutella were mentioned as good combinations.  Also, the best method of cooking, campfire, oven or grill? As we were full from the attempts to make smores, we decided we would try again another day.

Our second visit to smores we tried multiple combinations with Nutella, peanut butter, chocolate and plain digestives.  Our best attempt at a gooey filled smore was the Nutella, peanut butter and marshmallow heated under the grill.  The Digestive biscuits work well but we think we’ll need to find graham crackers to compare with the original!

Nutella and Smores

What do you think?

Have you tried smores, if not will you give them a go! Do you think these are a good American import to our shores or far too sickly sweet for you? Let us know in the comments, also let us know if you have any tips or recipes to make our smores even better.

A British Guide to Smores



A British Guide to Smores


5th October 2016
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