Sunday Catch Up

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Sunday Catch Up

Happy Sunday, we’re taking our morning a little slower than normal due to a late night at a friends party. We have coffee so all will be fine soon! In the meantime let’s take a look at what has been going on this week:

From Orchard Blog

  • Every Monday we do a little round up of the top five things that have interested up, inspired us or made us happy. read here
  • We are very excited to have booked a winter break to Copenhagen. We’re having fun planning, please let us know if you have any tips. read here
  • We tried a Rhubarb + Rosehip Mimosa for this week’s cocktail. We’d never tried rosehip before, it works well in a mimosa. read here 
  • The new IKEA catalogue was recently released, we picked up a copy and picked out a dozen of our favourite new finds. read here

From Elsewhere

  • Last year on a trip to New England we went to our first American Football game, complete with the tailgating experience. It was here at fun but not quite as stylish as this Style Me Pretty offering. read here
  • It is definitely slow cooker season again.We’re feeling inspired by this recipe for Slow Cooked Soy Sauce Chicken Rice by Lady and Pups. read here
  • Over at Mad about the House, Kate has shared an interesting Cotswolds house that mixes and new, we love it. read here

That’s about it for this week, time for us to grab another coffee and get on with the day!

Rich & Calum

25th September 2016
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