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Life can get pretty busy, with lots of things competing for time and attention, but sometimes it pays to ignore an ever growing ‘to-do’ list and escape for a little adventure. That is what we did this weekend, and is in our top five, let’s have a look at the rest:



On Sunday we met up with our friends Ben & Lauren, and their son Dexter for a little adventure down to Lymington in the New Forest. Lymington is as lovely harbour town perfect for a little day trip, or perhaps a night away.



We have been trying to hold off but we finally succumbed to getting the pumpkin decorations out, and buying a couple of fresh pumpkins to decorate the cottage. We found these glass pumpkins at Homesense, a great shop for finding autumn decorations.


New Forest Ice Cream

How delicious does this cone from New Forest Ice Cream look?  Answer: scrumptious!  For the record that is one scoop of millionaires shortbread flavour and one of white chocolate and brownie flavour.



Rich’s folks are just back from a holiday in Malta. Obviously, they bought us the obliquity airport chocolates (we got a bar of Toblerone too). Malta sounds a lovely country and it has leapfrogged up our list of future travel destination! Also, they speak English and drive on the left, sounds good to us!


Walkie Talkie

It was Ben’s birthday last week. For his present, we bought him a pair of walkie talkies. We used them on our trip down to Lymington. They are great fun and really add to the adventure, great when travelling in convoy! Over.


26th September 2016
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