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August Bank Holiday is the traditional end of the summer holidays. Even years after leaving school we still get that sort of end of holidays melancholy, but we plenty to look forward to the autumn so it won’t last long! Plenty of things are still cheering us up, let’s lake a look:


Braunton BreweryWe spent our bank holiday down in north Devon (more of that later this week) but we managed to pick up some local beer from Braunton Brewery, we are loving it.  I am sure we could probably buy it from somewhere closer, but the beer is as good a reason as any to head back down that way! Find out more.


Cream TeaAnother west country staple is a cream tea. A scone with jam and clotted cream is one one of our favourite treats. Although there is much discussion about what goes on first, Jam (the Cornish way) or Cream (the Devonian way). Calum has his own approach making a scone sandwich with jam one side and cream on the other. Whichever way you eat one they are absolutely delicious!


National Burger Day Last Thursday was National Burger Day. We kid you not, this is an official thing and quite frankly this is a national day we can firmly get behind. We love a cheese and bacon burger in a lightly toasted brioche bun with some relish and some crispy lettuce. Gherkins are a tasty addition too.


Vine of Tomatoes So it seems we now have a glut of home grown tomatoes! Calum will soon be cooking up batches and batches of tomato chutney and other recipes. Not that we mind, who doesn’t like a good chutney?


Rudbeckia 'Goldsturm'Lots of the garden flowers have gone over now, but some are just coming into there own such as this Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullivantii ‘Goldsturm’ we spotted when out and about. It has to be a perfect late summer plant, masses of bright yellow flowers to keep us cheery!

30th August 2016
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