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Both Rich and Calum have been working non stop this week, 5am morning calls, and 11pm e-mails have been keeping us both on our toes. On top of this we hosted, not one but two parties this weekend. Although we’re busy, we are enjoying ourselves. Lets take a look at this weeks to five:


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Working from home can have it’s drawbacks, especially when working long days. So to stop Rich getting cabin fever we headed out for a Mexican dinner and then onto the cinema to watch the latest Star Trek movie. It is a enjoyable film, we were happy geeks!


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As we mentioned above we had a busy weekend with two parties. We love hosting, which was one of the reasons we we started this blog. We hosted an Italian inspired dinner party on Saturday night with friends and a BBQ on Sunday lunchtime with family. Stay tuned for more about these parties on the blog.


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For Christmas Calum gave Rich as subscription to 25 Beautiful Homes. We are now hooked and it is our ambition to have our home featured one day. We just need to find a house first. We viewed two more potential properties on Saturday, alas still no joy!


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Supermarket homewares can vary massively in quality. But we feel that Sainsburys have really got their combination of good design and value for money spot on. We regularly pick up various bits and pieces for around the house. We found this botanic inspired cushion on offer the other day and we couldn’t resit, £7 well spent!


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Hettie, the one eyed pirate dog, has become very fond of us during our stay at Rich’s folks. She will sit at our feet when we are working from home, and has taken to sleeping at the foot of our bed. The feeling is mutual, we love the old girl very dearly.

1st August 2016
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