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Book Review | Winter Living by Selina Lake

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Winter Living by Selina Lake

It might not quite be winter yet, but it is close enough! We thought it would be a great opportunity to have a look at Winter Living by Selina Lake a book we bought a few weeks back whilst bed bound with illness (the amazon app is a dangerous thing!).  In the summer we bought our first book by Selina, Botanical Style and we loved it so with thought we’d give this a go.

Winter Living offer inspiration for making you home stylish through winter. It is stuffed full of gorgeous photography and countless ideas showing you how to turn your home into a romantic winter haven. This year there have been published countless books on Hygge, the Danish art of cosiness, this book has a broader scope but it definitely fall is into this category.

The book starts off by looking at winter inspirations before guiding through various winter styles. The first is ‘Homespun Charm’ a colourful style full of craft and vintage finds to create a warm and welcoming look. Next, it is onto ‘Faded Grandeur’ all about turning the tatty into the tasteful using rich textures and tones.  The third style is ‘Rustic Retreat’ an earthy simple and natural look inspired by old barns and log cabins. Lastly is a look at  ‘Winter Whites’ a clean and classic look inspired by snowflakes morning frosts and pale skies.  The book finished up by taking a look at festive celebrations, after all, winter is party season! There is some great inspiration here on different styles to decorate for christmas, along with some great ideas for parties.

Our favourite look is definitely ‘Rustic Retreat’ but there are plenty of other ideas for us to steal once we find our new home. Winter can be a depressing enough time of year but this book reminds us that being inside can be cosy and snug, to create a haven at home to forget about how horrid it is out! It is a great addition to our book collection and we will no doubt be referring back for many winters to come!

You can buy Winter Living by Selina Lake here

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Winter Living by Selina Lake
Winter Living by Selina Lake
Winter Living by Selina Lake
Winter Living by Selina Lake

Winter Living by Selina Lake
16th November 2016

Design Inspiration | Cosy Coastal Cottage

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There is something very reassuring about listening to the Shipping Forecast on Radio 4. It makes us think of being tucked up in a cosy coastal cottage whilst a storm rages outside. After reading Attention All Shipping by Charlie Connelly Rich was inspired to create a Shipping Forecast print to remind us of this comforting feeling.  With this all in mind we have created a cosy coastal cottage styleboard. A perfect place to hunker down with a cup of tea or a fortifying tot of rum to wait out a storm.

cosy coastal cottage styleboard

Where to Buy | Cosy Coastal Cottage

fig1. Attention All Shipping by Charlie Connelly
fig2. Falcon Enamel Teapot Heals
fig3. Nautical Pendant Light Lighting Lighting
fig4. Shipping Forecast Print Orchard Market on Etsy
fig5. Ektorp Armchair Ikea
fig6. Rubricks Side Table Swoon Editions
fig7. Log Basket Not on the High Street
fig8. Lohals Rug Ikea
fig9. Hunter Wood Burning Stove Direct Stoves
fig10. Live Life You Love Cushion Marks & Spencer
fig11. Knitted Waves Cushion John Lewis
fig12. Revival RD60 Radio Roberts
fig13. Wooden Trunks Maison du Monde
fig14. Amble Throw John Lewis
fig15. Maitland Lantern One World Trading
fig16. Hyams Beach Craig & Rose
fig17. Boat Race Craig & Rose
fig18. Cinder Block Craig & Rose

14th October 2016

Our Favourite Finds from the 2017 IKEA Catalogue

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IKEA Catalogue

We love a bit of IKEA here at Orchard Blog. The combination of Scandinavian design, good value and meatballs is a winning combination that keeps us going back for more. Whilst we are not super close to a branch we do have the option of driving to four different locations all withing an hour of where we live. Every September we love flicking through the IKEA Catalogue to see what is new. We have gone through with a fine toothcomb to come up with 12 of our favourite new finds. AS it happens we have ended up with a monochrome scheme that would work well in an office or studio. Let us know what you think? what are your favourite products in the IKEA Catalogue?

New Finds from IKEA Catalogue 2017

IKEA Catalogue 2017 | What to buy:

fig.1 Kullaberg Swivel Chair £49
fig.2 Lagrad Lantern £22
fig.3  Ranarp Work Lamp £29
fig.4 Kullaberg Desk £99
fig.5 Moalie Throw £39
fig.6 Härliga Glass dome £10
fig.7 Ändlös Candle Holder £3.95
fig.8 Rörd Decorative Animals £6.95
fig.9 Avatal Leaf Art £5
fig.10 Vardagen Glasses £3.50/6 pack
fig.11 Sockerärt Vase £10
fig.12 Stenstorp Kitchen Island £250


23rd September 2016

Design Inspiration | Back to School Office

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Back to School Home Office Scheme

Despite not having been in education for over a decade now, each September we definitely get the ‘back to school’ vibe. Most years we would just go out and buy armfuls of stationery to keep us content, but this year we’ve developed a Back to School office scheme.  Grab you packed lunch, an apple for the teacher and head back to school! Details are bellow and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments.

Back To School Office Styleboard

Back to School Office | Where to buy:

fig.1 British Isles Map John Lewis
fig.2 Wall Clock John Lewis
fig.3 Granville Shelf Unit One World Trading
fig.4 1227 Desk Lamp Anglepoise
fig.5 Macbook Pro Apple
fig.6 Mid-Century Desk West Elm
fig.7 Granze Rug Wayfair 
fig.8 Eams Chair Nest
fig.9 Preppy: Cultivating Ivy Style by Jeffery Banks 
fig.10 Squared Notebook Moleskine 
fig.11 Areca palm Ikea 
fig.12 Storage Boxes Wayfair 
fig.13 Mute Shadow Colour Courage 
fig.14 Vieux Bordeaux Colour Courage 
fig.15 Le Chat Gris Colour Courage 

6th September 2016

Design Inspiration | Beach House Style

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Inspired by our recent post on Alderney, we’ve been thinking a lot about beach house style.  Our perfect beach house would be a laid back retreat just a couple of stems about from gorgeous golden sand between our toes.  Feeling inspired by this beach house state of mind we collected  the best in sandy tones and laid-back style to create a scheme for a living room that will remind us of Alderney.  Details of our finds are below, what do you think?
Living room scheme with a beach theme

Beach House Style | Where to buy:

fig.1 Wilton Layered White Mirror One World Trading
fig.2 Visit Alderney Print Orchard Market on Etsy
fig.3 Alderney Landmarks Print Orchard Market on Etsy
fig.4 Two Seated Izzy Sofa
fig.5 Safavieh Gold & Ivory Rug
fig.6 Sahara Coffee Table Swoon Editions
fig.7 Diamond Cushion West Elm
fig.8 Frehel Table Lamp John Lewis
fig.9 Beehive Blanket Tartan Blanket Company
fig.10 Salcombe Lantern Lights4Fun
fig.11 Beside the Seaside by Jane Struthers
fig.12 Anchor Vase John Lewis
fig.13 Sunny Day Dulux
fig.14 Sandy Steps Dulux
fig.15 Pearl Grey Dulux

12th August 2016

Book Review | Botanical Style by Selina Lake

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Book Review Botanical Style by Selina Lake

We spend a lot of time planning home decor, it doesn’t matter if it was our rented flat or for our ideal future home.  It is one of our passions and, in part the reason behind this blog. As well as almost single handily keeping the magazine industry going and a healthy pinterest/instagram addiction, we do love a good interiors book to scour through and find ideas that we can us.  We also like to have a stack of beautiful books on the coffee table to delve into every so often.  It is the little things in life that makes us happy!  With that in mind it brings us to todays posts, a brief review of Botanical Style by Selina Lake, our latest interiors book purchase and a goldmine of stunning inspiration.

Selina Lake is a freelance interior & lifestyle stylist (that might be Rich’s dream job!) and Botanical Style is her seventh book. We first heard of the book when Selina did a book signing at Anthropologie in Guildford, being local to us we picked up the event on social media. We were’t able to make it along but our interest was peaked and we wanted to buy a copy!

Botanical style can mean many things to many people, and to this end the book is operated in to five separate styles: Vintage Botanicals, Boho Botanicals, Industrial Botanicals, Tropical Botanicals and Natural Botanicals. Different chapters will appeal to different people. Rich loves the vintage and natural chapters, Calum like the tropical style and we both love the industrial industrial.  As well as explaining the styles in depth there are also individual style tips and little make projects. Reading the book we were itching to get out to the local garden centre to add to our already healthy supply of houseplants!

The key to a good interiors book is plenty of great photos to illustrate the ideas, the photographer, Rachel Whiting, does a great job at bringing the style to life. We’ve already spent hours pouring over every gorgeous image for inspiration, and I am sure this is a book we will return back to time and time again.

There is so much inspiration packed into this book, from romantic summer houses to tropical glamour.  For anyone with green fingers (or wishes they did) we thoroughly recommend this book, it has made us very happy!

You can buy Botanical Style by Selina Lake here

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Book Review of Botanical Style by Selina Lake Book Review of Botanical Style by Selina Lake Read more…

10th August 2016

Design Inspiration | Vintage Aviation Styleboard

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Taking inspiration for the NATO Phonetic Alphabet Print available on our Etsy Store We’ve created Vintage Aviation Styleboard for a room scheme that would work perfectly as a room for an aviation fan, either young or old!

This blog originally appeared on Rich’s graphic design blog, but we though it is more in keeping here!

Vintage Aviation Styleboard Room Scheme

Vintage Aviation | Where to buy:

fig.1 Sopwith Camel Model, Hicks & Hicks
fig.2 British Aviation Posters by Scott Anthony
fig.3 NATO Phonetic Alphabet Print Orchard Market on Etsy
fig.4 Professor chair Hunters
fig.5 Alfred Tripod Light
fig.6 Map Cushion Cover Dunelm
fig.7 Globe on Wooden Stand John Lewis
fig.8 Royal Maroc Rug
fig.9 Sopwith Propeller Hicks & Hicks
fig.10 Archive Coffee Table
fig.11 Wevet Farrow & Ball
fig.12 Skylight Farrow & Ball
fig.13 Pitch Blue Farrow & Ball
fig.14 Off Black  Farrow & Ball

15th July 2016