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So June is here, and despite the cold weather during the week the weekend turned out rather pleasant.  Let’s see what is in this weeks top five:


Top Five | Peonies

June means it is Peony season! Peonies are probably both of our favourite flowers, so having a bunch around the place makes us very happy. And despite its short season it is probably also one of our favourite garden plants. There is something about their big blouse blooms that make us very happy!


Top five | Hardy's Cottage Garden Plants

We went out house hunting on Saturday, as I am sure most of you know finding the perfect new home can be very stressful. Whilst we were out an about we popped into Hardy’s Cottage Garden Plants near Whitchurch, Hampshire. What a great little nursery, full to the brim of lots of interesting and unusual varieties. Well worth a visit!


Top five | GoPro

After pondering it for a while we finally bit the bullet and bought a GoPro. We have been thinking about getting one for a while and ahead of our holiday to France next week we thought now would be a great opportunity. So far it has mainly been used for a couple of selfies (see below) and many many pictures of the pets.


Top five | Alice Holt

Sunday was glorious weather so we decided to go for a picnic with our good friends Ben & Lauren, and their son (and our godson) Dexter. We headed off to Alice Holt Forest and did their Gruffolo trail. It is great outdoors adventure for little people!


Top Five | GoPro

It is our five year anniversary on 6th June. Doesn’t time fly? Back in 2011 we met for a beer in a central London pub and instantly hit it off. Rich had written a spoof job advert about what he was looking for in a boyfriend and had shared it via twitter, one of the ‘job requirements’ was to be over 6″1, Calum responded that at 6″6 he qualified. The rest, as they say, is history!

6th June 2016
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