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It was another Bank Holiday weekend so we decided to make the most of it by visiting Calum’s goddaughter up in Yorkshire. We’ll share our thoughts on the North Yorkshire Coast in another post but in the meantime lets look at our top five!


National Trust

Whilst we were away we managed to fit in four National Trust properties (and three English Heritage ones). As fans of history, architecture, gardens and countryside, membership of the National Trust is a must for us. We are on a mission to visit 10% of their properties before the year is out. We are currently at 4.5%!



There is an old saying “When Gorse is out of bloom, Kissing is out of fashion” we often remark on this when we are out and about.  Luckily for us romantics out there Gorse flowers prolifically so one of the three native species of Gorse is always in flower somewhere. Pucker up!


Yorkshire Beer

Despite our Cocktail of the Week feature, we’re actually mostly beer drinkers. So whilst in Yorkshire we took the opportunity to sample some local brews, we opted for lighter or golden ales to go with a BBQ we were having.  All were very tasty and we can recommend any of them.


Glass Bottles

Whilst wandering around Whitby we found a shop selling vintage glass bottles and we bought a couple for home. We wish we knew more about collecting vintage bottles. One of us will read up on it at some point but in the meantime we’ll just enjoy them as beautiful and interesting objects!



This week we said goodbye to an old friend of ours after a very brave battle with cancer. She was an inspiration to us; accepting, kind, miscievious and lived her life to the full. We will miss her dearly but we will take her lead, we’ll make the most of life, and seek out adventures she’d be proud of!

30th May 2016
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