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Every week we are going to share five things we have been up to, things we’ve discovered or things that have made us smile. so without further ado let’s get on with this weeks top five!


We went to the Village of Bibury in the Cotswolds. it was a glorious day and was wonderful to walk around their picturesque village; the highlight being the seventeenth-century weavers’ cottages and water meadow.


It is Bluebell season!  Bluebells are undoubtably one of the most iconic of british wild flowers, is there anything better than a walk in a bluebell wood?


Whilst we are living with Richard’s Mum & Dad we will be looking after their veg patch, and creating a cutting garden. One of the first things we planted in the cutting garden are some sweetpeas, we’re looking forward to their gorgeous scent later in there summer.


After much discussion back and forth we have decided to head for a week in the Loire Valley. We have been before, but it is so lovely and really not that far away or expensive. Very much looking forward to lots of wine, food, exploring chateaux and relaxation!


Top Five | Desk

Now we have temporarily moved into Richard’s Mum & Dad’s cottage, Richard needed to set up a place for him to work as a freelance graphic designer. He has created a cosy nook, with plenty of natural light and surrounded but some of his favourite things.

25th April 2016
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