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When we moved house we discovered we have an abundance of spirits that were just gathering dust at the back of the cupboard.  Obviously we couldn’t just let then just sit there so in order to try and make a dent in the supply we decided to experiment with a ‘Cocktail of the Week’ that we will share here.

So let’s get started, in honour of it being St George’s Day, and because we have been working hard in the garden all afternoon we are staring with an ‘English Garden’ the recipe is as follows:

  • 2 measures Hendricks Gin
  • 2 ½ measure pressed apple juice
  • 1 measure elderflower liqueur 
  • ½ measure fresh lime juice

Mix all with ice, and serve in a tall glass with a cucumber garnish and plenty of ice, and if you have some to hand a sprig of fresh mint.

A fresh and refreshing cocktail, perfect for when the sun comes out in springtime.

Cocktail of the Week | English Garden

a quintessentially English cocktail to enjoy in the garden.


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